Joyfully full and Wonderfully blessed

I love the simple joys that surround us right now.

Simple Joys worth Celebrating each and every day.

Faithfully I am reminded that at the heart of each day is the celebration of Jesus’ birth.

Gently the snow falls and brings with it a calm to every part of me.  It also nicely covers the to-do’s and undones of autumn leaving pure, fresh beauty.

Quietly and diligently I slip in a little sewing and knitting. It lets me feel like my Christmas is at least partially handmade.  Some day I shall reach my goal of a completely handmade/homespun Christmas.  I think that I might be getting closer.

Tenderly I am moved each day with the arrival of Christmas cards from friends far and near who have impacted our lives in ways that my own words simply cannot describe.  We have been blessed beyond and so much of that has to do with others who have allowed themselves to be used by God to make a difference in the lives of others.

Charmingly…well, what can I say…my life is full of charmingly!

Daily I find a thankful spot in my heart for this life in the country that we are now able to enjoy.

Presently I have homemade eggnog cooling.  Oh, my!  The warm version of it may have made my eyes roll back in my head a little.  I made the ‘kid-friendly’ version from this post.

Annually, a very big part of our Christmas season is the music that we listen to.  I have become a Pandora fan and love many of the Christmas stations that I’ve created there.  We lost our internet for four days {FOUR DAYS} this week and I wasn’t sure what I was going to do without the music.  I dug out my [what feels like an ancient] ipod with my 598-song holiday playlist.  These songs range from my childhood waaaaaay into adulthood.  All of the songs that my kids would associate with Christmas are there.  So many of them just make me smile.

Excitedly I anticipate seeing each of my kids during the Christmas season.

♥Sufficiently my heart is full.

I wrote this post on Friday before the tragic events that took place in Connecticut.  In some ways it seems unfair to be joyful and in other ways I feel more blessed than ever.  I know that each one of us is finding it necessary to balance our thoughts and emotions right now.  Wrap your heart around your blessings and never let go.

I have some sweet little gifts to give away from this post.

And…the winner is… [Mr T, fairly and squarely, chose #12…might this be because his birthday is 12/12?]

#12 is…Kendra!  congrats, my friend

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  1. Loralta Welk says:

    You make everything look so good and fun!

  2. Yay!! Thanks Elaine BTW I loved your post AND think it was fitting before or after the tragedy.
    Merry Christmas

  3. Elaine , I just want to wish you a Merry Christmas. I love reading your posts and looking at all your many beautiful pictures. GOD BLESS YOU. You always make a smile on my face.

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