Tony Robbins: How To Have A Magnificent Relationship

Tony Robbins relationship tips

I’m a huge fan of Tony Robbins and I love his work. I get to learn so many amazing life tips from this great man, including personal success, life purpose, relationship, finance and of course, inspiration. In this post, I will summarize the relationship tips I love from Tony. Here they are: #1. Stop Focusing On Yourself Too Much Focusing only on yourself can destroy your relationship. As Tony said, the more you focus on yourself, the more the other person feels unloved and the…

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4 Questions You Can Use To Repair A Broken Relationship

Repair A Broken Relationship

Hi everyone! Just want to share this quick tip about repairing a broken relationship (any relationship, not just the intimate one). Sometimes we don’t realize what we did hurt the other person. When you think your loved one is hurt, try asking these 4 questions: How did I hurt you? What did I do to hurt you? What could I have done better? Will you forgive me? Ask these questions and just be willing to listen. Don’t get defensive. Don’t interrupt your partner. Just fully…

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