…more spring kids

spring babies 2014Since my last post about my new spring kids, we’ve added four more.  I’ve just had two does kid so far and each one of them gave me 4 live babies.  Those babies are growing so fast and are absolutely starving before and after each feeding.  I’m milking three times a day to keep up with their demand and even with that they could use more.  [according to them, they could use a lot more!!!]

spring babies 2014 spring babies 2014 spring babies 2014Abbie is getting little goat kisses…there just isn’t anything quite like it!

These little guys are a great source of pleasure.

goat journalWhen I was creating the journal for the 2014. Art Retreats, I decided to make the theme of mine, goats.  I’ve wanted a goat journal for years now and I’m loving it.

Today’s journal entry ::  Spring is trying hard to burst forth! It takes so long for the bulbs to begin flowering but there is some green leafing out and one of my chive plants is coming up strong.  It’s a beautiful, beautiful day today.  I should let the kids out to play later on.  I’m getting almost 3 gallons of milk each day from Daisy and Dazzle. The kids could really use even more than that but since I’m already milking three times a day I’m just going to have to work with that.  They are nibbling their hay regulary so that will help a lot.  The fresh milk makes me very anxious to begin making cheese [I better stock up on supplies]. 


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Spring Babies

spring babies 2014On October 9th of last year I knew that I would probably have babies in 150 days.

Early, early in the morning on that 150th day, 4 beautiful little babies were born.

Four bucklings and one cute little girl.

spring babies 2014 spring babies 2014 spring babies 2014 spring babies 2014 spring babies 2014 spring babies 2014 spring babies 2014I took these pictures the first time they went outdoors. They were one and a half days old.

It’s always fun to see the way that Cash interacts with them.

Immediately they were his little buddies.

Today is the 150th for my other doe so now I continue to wait patiently.

spring babies 2014

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her Barnyard

her BarnyardWinter came to the Valley last night.  Our temperatures dropped fast and low.

her BarnyardLily, our mama cat of six, is in with her kittens all night and outside most of the day.  Each morning when I let her out she tends to go to the barnyard to visit with all of her friends.

her BarnyardShe isn’t intimidated by anyone…not even Tafari my extra large, stinky buck.

her Barnyard 02-IMG_4342 her Barnyard her Barnyard her Barnyard her Barnyard her Barnyard her Barnyard her Barnyard her BarnyardThe animals don’t seem to mind this brisk morning of 13° as long as I keep some water in front of them that hasn’t turned to ice.

her BarnyardThis is Duck~Duck and his silkie mom, Nel.  She hatched him out so she will forever be his mom.

her BarnyardCash never minds having his picture taken…he’s so handsome.

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